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CP-Unlimited Team Members continue to demonstrate remarkable dedication and commitment. Working throughout the COVID-19 environment has challenged us beyond anything we could have imagined. We are beyond grateful for our staff who put their jobs above everything else in order to care for the individuals that we support. There are so many employees that we want to thank and recognize, particularly our “front line” direct care staff who are the backbone of this agency. As we know, continuing services and operations, particularly during this pandemic, requires the collective support of all departments and programs. In a short time, we had to pool our resources, change certain business processes and adapt service delivery. Of course we are still navigating through these unprecedented times, but we continue to move forward with the support of our staff. Now we would like to pause to highlight and recognize some of CP’s “Superstars”. It is our pleasure to introduce you to:

Roxanne has continuously demonstrated her ability to rise to the challenges presented daily in her role as a DSP. She’s bright light in dark areas where things can potentially go left.

Roxanne has won hearts and trust of those she supports in a way like no other, in spite of many challenges met with new individuals moving into the home.

Her unique way of relating to the people we support using their strengths to motivate and encourage generated positive moments for them, followed by lots of laughter and glee.

Julia Stringfellow-Hudson, Residential Coordinator RC

Roxanne Telford, Direct Care Counselor

Paul continually stands out as a perfect example of teamwork between Article 16, Day Hab & FQHC programs. In each area of his job responsibilities, his supervisors receive positive feedback on his work performance. Paul deserves recognition for his work in helping to produce a positive and successful work environment, where he is well respected.

Paul goes above and beyond to create engaging activities in his Article 16 responsibilities. Although he practices in an eclectic model, making therapy a fun place, outcomes are still achieved. Individuals are eager to attend and participate in therapy. He is a strong advocate in terms of acquisition of Durable Medical Equipment, where he ensures each individual’s needs are met, considering their daily occupations.

Paul’s dedication in working together with individuals in meeting their goals cannot be denied. He’s an occupational therapist who is caring and is mindful that possibilities are endless, if you think outside the box.

Gary Grimaldi, PhD, Director of Rehabilitation

Paul Swinnerton, Occupational Therapist

Sharon goes above and beyond to provide assistance for the people we serve at CPU. Ms. Lowe constantly volunteers her services to fellow co-workers on any occasion. She is a tremendous support to her co-workers, and the people we serve. She follows up accordingly and provides great care for any location where services are needed. She provides a voice to those who aren't able to advocate for themselves. Ms. Lowe provides support, encouragement, kindness, and empathy to all.

Nikea Clark, Program Coordinator

Sharon Lowe, Direct Care Counselor

Ms Ngwobia is an outstanding member of staff who always exhibits an exceptional helpful attitude towards her Director and her co-workers. Ms Ngwobia does not complain even when she is asked to go above and beyond the call of duty. Her leadership and dedication has earned her the respect of her co-workers, and she always offers her assistance whenever they have difficulty in understanding their work assignment. She is always accommodating in offering her assistance when called upon to do so.

Ms Ngwobia has also made a tremendous difference in the appearance of our office by organizing the removal of one cubical that was taking up too much space, thereby allowing more space for two staff to sit comfortably and still adhering to the social distancing that has to be observed during this COVID-19 pandemic. Whenever she is called upon to perform duties to enhance the department, she makes herself available. Ms Ngwobia is a team player, and she is loved by all the people who are on her caseload. She calls them on a weekly basis, and sometimes more often, to ensure that their needs are being met, and to offer assistance that they may need.

Ms Ngwobia has been extremely helpful as my assistant in the day to day operation of the department. She reviews the monthly billings that are received from each staff member to ensure that they are correct before presenting to me for signature. In addition, during this time that we are doing the Com Hab.-R billing, she traveled to one residence to in-service staff on how to complete the billing forms accurately. Ms Ngwobia is a hard worker who is always professional, a great asset to this department, and a pleasure to work with. I believe that these characteristics represents all that is good in our department, and agency, and I take great pleasure and pride in nominating her as Employee of the Quarter

Marcia Lewis, Director of Vocational Services

Nneegu Ngwobia, Senior Employment Specialist

Ms. Varghese has demonstrated consistency and dependability during these difficult times. She pays great attention to punctuality and attendance policies. Additionally, she is recognized by her peers for dedicated service to our service recipients especially in insulin administration.

Barrington Daley, Residence Manager

Nancy Varghese, Residence Counselor

Melissa has been exemplary in the way she takes care of the individual. She is always willing to go the extra mile not only in her assigned unit, but she has been willing and able to assist in other units with medication and ensuring the individuals well being comes first.

Judith Christie, Residential Coordinator

Melissa Ramirez, Direct Care Counselor

Jessica Francese is a CHC’s Precision Care/Administrative Coordinator. She proved without a shadow of a doubt that there are BEHIND THE SCENES HEROES!. She worked from early morning to late night during the time CHC was closed for the two week quarantine period. She made sure that all required, intricate COVID 19 paperwork was completed in a timely fashion. She kept up with the constantly changing reports, forms and projects that needed to be completed. She provided leadership to project team members throughout each project’s life cycle, driving projects to completion. Jessica worked closely with Central Administration and Human Resources, providing vital information quickly and efficiently no matter the time of day or night. Jessica’s excellent organizational, analytical, communication and creative problem solving skills enabled her to complete all of the assignments in full compliance,

She reached out to and spoke with staff. She was extremely calm and compassionate re-assuring all and helping them get through this very tough time. She assisted staff as they transitioned from CHC to the Community and developed lists/stats/spreadsheets to track all of their assignments. Staff continue to seek her guidance as they are confident that their questions and concerns will be addressed correctly and immediately.

When we returned to CHC, a variety of new forms, projects and assignments were required dally. Jessica continues to be diligent in competing the work as well as keeping up with all of her other duties and does so with a smile. No matter how much work she has to complete she will always ask others if there is anything she can do for them. She provides support and assistance to all in a polite, professional manner. She volunteers to take on extra responsibilities and completes everything prior to the deadline.

She follows up with and checks all billing {Com HAb R, HAb and retainer}, always making sure the we are in compliance and that the billing report is pristine. She continually monitors the system for data accuracy. She streamlined paperwork, devised systems and developed user friendly spreadsheets to ensure that billing is completed accurately prior to submission.

Jessica is a dedicated employee who always has the best interest of the Agency and our staff members in mind. She constantly works on easy to improve and increase efficiency and effectiveness of operations especially through this very difficult time.

Our Agency is extremely fortunate to have Jessica on our team and we thank her for being our hard working HERO!

Marleen Whitman, Administrator of Day Services

Jessica Francese, Precision Care/Administrative Coordinator

Ms. Jeanette Evans is the personification of an exemplary employee who truly embraces their role and excels in it. Ms. Evans demonstrated great dedication and commitment during this health crisis. She went above and beyond in assisting the VP of Program Services and Administrator of Residential Services with ensuring that each one of our residences had adequate personal protective equipment to ensure the safety of the people we support, staff and management personnel. While this pandemic brought about several changes on how we carried out out daily responsibilities, Ms. Evans adapted to the changing circumstances and amended her approach for maximum effectiveness in the operation of Bronx Residential Programs. Ms. Evans is a competent and conscientious worker who can be counted on to execute her job responsibilities with minimal to no direction or supervision.

It is with great honour that I nominate Ms. Evans to be recognized for her efforts during this pandemic.

Kwadwo Ofori, Administrator of Residential Services

Jeanette Evans, Administrative Assistant

Icynthia Corcho is the “Mother Teresa” of the ISS/ Community Habilitation Program. She is selfless, empathetic, approachable, determined, considerate, patient, a negotiator and attentive. I personally compare her to a woman in the Bible that I know in Proverb 31; she rescues the helpless, speaks up for those who don't have a voice or are unable to defend themselves, a mediator, a mentor and she uses wisdom to make sound and wise judgement on behalf of the individual.

During this unprecedented time she has strived to ensure that the needs of individuals and staff in her care were met. Despite her compromised medical conditions she did not stop traveling on public transportation to visit the individuals and address the needs of staff.

She listens to the individuals and plans trips based on their requests. She has taken the individuals on cruises as well trips around the world.

She has the gift of making what seems impossible, possible. She helps our individuals to see beyond their immediate world and attain dreams that did not exist. It is not uncommon for the individuals to call her “Mother” or other affectionate words to express their gratitude for all she does for them.

The advocates of the individuals that we serve, see her as an extension fo their family world, especially during this time of turmoil.

She is a team player, solution oriented, a goal setter, an over achiever, a leader and an amazing addition to the CP Unlimited TEAM.

Theresa Manuel, Director of New Housing Options

Icynthia Corcho, Independent Living Skills Manager

Grenda Marshall came to Jamaica Group Home in the height of the pandemic from CPT; she was a Driver’s Aide who was relocated as a DSP when COVID-19 struck the agency.

Ms. Marshall was observed to be punctual, respectful and she displayed a genuine willingness to work, she has all the qualities of a team player, the staff, men and women in our care responded well towards her. Ms. Marshall immediately fit right in with the Jamaica team.

Ms. Marshall, carries out her daily tasks without complaint, she is always willing to lend a hand when needed and follows all management instructions.

Linda Phillips, Assistant Residential Coordinator

Grenda Marshall, Driver's Aide

Donna has been with CP Unlimited for the past 4 years, She is a very dedicated employee who goes beyond her assignment to ensure that the individuals needs that she works with are met. She is soft spoken and caring, and has a positive relationship with all eleven individuals, and staff. She is punctual and reliable. During the pandemic, Donna was at work. When we moved to 12 hr shifts, she did not complain. When the individual who she is assigned tested positive for COVID 19, she continued to work without complaints. It is with great pleasure to nominate Donna as employee of the quarter.

Sherry Lawrence, Residence Manager

Donna Morgan, Residence Counselor

I am writing to nominate Colbie Hamilton as a part of CP Unlimited's Employee Recognition Program. Colbie has worked for CP for 4 years in Brooklyn and Queens, and over this time she has grown into a very reliable and competent professional. The department chose to nominate her now because of the extraordinary support she gave her programs during the COVID 19 Pandemic. Colbie was one several BIS’s who were on the front lines taking care of the people we support. Since March, she was both clinical stage and a DCC. Her dedication has been exemplary, and I know she is appreciated by all her teams. It has been a great pleasure to see Colbie grow into the professional she is. Work wise, she can be characterized as reliable, methodical and very detail oriented, Personally, she is a pleasure to know and always quick to help.

James Levy, PSy. D., Director of Behavioral Services

Colbie Hamilton, Behavioral Intervention Specialist

It is my pleasure to nominate Claire Ferry for the employee of the quarter recognition. Claire joined the Behavioural Intervention Specialist, (BIS) department in 2017, and she was quickly identified, as a remarkable person by her enthusiasm to solve problems.

Claire is an effective BIS, who collaborates with multi-level staff to help our individuals meet their full potential. She is always available to individuals and staff for support. Claire is an excellent communicator, a strong advocate for our individuals’ success.

In view of her distinguished qualities, it is appropriate to recognise Claire for her dedication to her job that is obvious to everyone working with her.

Andrelle Julien, Coordinator of Behavioral Services

Claire Ferry, Behavioral Intervention Specialist

I would like to recognize Kristina Sellers for her unwavering support all year and specifically while we manage through the COVID 19 pandemic.

When the Manhattan’s Borough secretary became ill, Kristina stepped in and took on the challenge of providing support for both the Manhattan and Staten Island teams. Kristina worked countless hours with both teams to ensure that all apartments had an adequate supply of PPE, cleaning supplies, thermometers, and hand sanitizers in order to maintain the safety of the people we support along with staff and management personnel.

Kristina initiated daily contact with the teams that all requests for supplies were met timely. If there was a shortage from a particular vendor, Kristina researched alternative vendors and went above and beyond to fulfill even the most difficult request.

Kristina used her creative and organizational skills to create systems for the teams to remain updated throughout the COVID 19 pandemic. the systems assisted Management teams to also ensure that adequate food, funds and medication were always available.

Despite many of the challenges and an increase in her duties, Kristina always responded cheerfully and professionally. The teams would not have been able to make it through the pandemic without her support.

Lesley Pickersgill, Program Coordinator Supervisor

Kristina Sellers, Executive Secretary

Audrey is a wonderful Clinic Aide, she does an exceptional job for the individuals and their well-being. Audrey works well with keeping the individuals calm during appointments so that their health needs are met. Audrey is a great asset to CP Unlimited.

Shanice Blythe, Residential Coordinator

Audrey Halliman, Direct Care Counselor


Even during times of sadness and loss, our Healthcare Heroes remain steadfast in the care they provide for those we support.  Here are some messages of Positivity during Pandemic. We are so thankful for all that you do. HEROES Work Here.

We converted a vacated Day Program space into a Temporary Emergency Respite/Recovery unit under leadership of Sebastian Chittilappilly, VP of Day Programs & Vocational Services.  This has a capacity of 9 beds for COVID-19 individuals discharged from hospitals to complete their 14-day quarantine and to fully recover.

This unit has been operational since March 27, 2020 and here is an update as of April 16, 2020:   
Bed Capacity: 9
Total admission: 17
Total discharges: 9                      

To support the staff working at this special unit, we've expanded our Telemedicine coverage by purchasing additional equipment.  Under the leadership of Nurse James Cox (Nick), he trained 15 “new staff “.  Staff working at this unit are mostly those deployed from other divisions, with no previous experience in using the Telemedicine system.  The current Telemedicine service provides remote access to Physicians for evaluation and management for Acute Medical complaints.  Work is in progress to link the Recovery unit to the Primary Care Service and Specialists at Metro Community Health Center for management of Chronic Medical conditions and follow up care.  It has been up and running since the first week of May.

The Telemedicine service to MCHC is expected to continue linking up the Day Program participants to their PCPs and Specialists beyond the ending of the Pandemic.  It is also designed to link all the residential homes to MCHC and reduce the need for in person clinic visits for elective routine care and follow up.


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